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What is a Facebook Challenge and what are the benefits?

What is a Facebook Challenge

A Facebook Challenge is a fast way to richly engage and grow your Facebook and Social media audience and fill your sales funnel with quality leads. A Facebook Challenge consists of a private Facebook Group that people apply for access to via a well-crafted landing page in your sales funnel. The group type is usually set to Social Learning due to the nature of the content presented.

The idea of a Facebook Challenge is interactive participation and rapid activation of the members through the practical tasks they need to complete – hence a challenge. It should challenge members to go and create, or go and do something around the theme of the Challenge. It is an accelerated activation of a skill, gift or transformation through the host’s teaching, peer group encouragement and motivation to overcome fear and step out. Emphasis is on empowering the viewers to act quickly! The activities are usually incremental towards achieving an overall goal or accomplishment.

The hosts use a combination of live-streamed content, interviews with guest speakers, pre-prepared content, and VIP or selected member participation. Zoom can be used with a VIP audience that then live-streams to the rest of the Facebook Group. StreamYard (affiliate) is another great option with live comment features and benefits. Live streaming to the Group reduces the expectation usually found in a formal webinar or training course and makes it highly engaging, friendly and fun. The Challenges I have been part of have had between 10 to 20 thousand participants in.

A Facebook Challenge Private Group is an accelerated massive TOFU (top of the funnel) in the journey of converting leads to sales. It’s a win-win scenario as members get 101 equipping and training for free, but they have to at least supply an email address for this. Some encourage further social sharing as an incentive. Promised giveaways and prizes during a Challenge, help make the sign-up conversion viral in nature as it helps in converting leads and encouraging social sharing. Continuous calls to comment, react, and finish the tasks is encouraged, giving the members quick wins in what they are learning. The sign-up process should include sell-up options as part of the monetisation strategy. This can include equipment kits, books, courses, VIP access to the live Q&A sessions etc. These same sell-ups are promoted throughout the challenge, and members get to almost try-before-they-buy by experiencing part of the premium content in the Challenge. One of the keys to hosting a Challenge is to build authority and trust.

Some challenges require live video feedback in the group; others require completing daily assignments in the posts or comments in the group. Common to most challenges is the community of new friends and a drive to encourage each other to push through the activities. A Facebook Challenge is one of the most socially engaging forms of social media out there.